How long will it take to complete my job?

Typically for a wedding, with inside and outside envelopes of approximately 100-150 it would take a week to ten days to complete the job. The rule of thumb for weddings is to have them in the mail 6-8 weeks in advance of your wedding date so contacting me at least 10 weeks before your wedding. For poetry, quotes, certificates or other pieces please allow 2-3 weeks for completion.

Should I order more envelopes needed?

Yes please! An extra 10-15 envelopes is ideal per 100 envelopes. Extra envelopes allow flexibility in case of errors as well as last minute additions and subtractions from your list.

What format should my list be in?

If you meet with me you can bring your list with you or email it to me. Please use Microsoft Word or another word processor (even Notepad) and type your list with your guests name on the first line and their address underneath it, much like it will look on your complete envelope. Please do not send or give me a list in Excel as I find it difficult to use accurately. Please double check your lists to ensure they are error free but if I have questions about details on your list I will contact you.

If you are using an inner envelope please indicate either on a separate line or on the same line in italics, the name you would like me to use. Often the inner envelopes are less formal that the names used on the outside. For example: Mr. & Mrs. Simon Perry could have Simon and Ellen Perry on the inner envelope.